The Main Matsuri will be held for the second time this year from the 9th to 11th of August and you have the chance to support us. We have several areas for which we would like to engage you. We are looking for volunteers who can stay calm in stressful situations and always keep a cool head. It is important that you can at least work for eight hours.
Our areas are:

Stage: Here you will be backstage and help with the supervision of the stage program. As we will have Japanese guests on-site, it is important that you are able to speak English. There will be a guest supervisor on-site as well, but you never know. It can also be the case that you need to carry things, so you shouldn’t be afraid to lend a hand.

Security: You will be deployed for sensitive areas where it is important that the festival can progress as planned. This tasks include: patrolling or guarding important places.

Guest supervision: You will look after our VIPs. As we will have Japanese VIPs, you should be able to speak Japanese and English.

Access regulation: You will regulate the access to the entry and the parking lot, to ensure that everyone finds a parking space neatly.

Technical area: These helpers have to be on site starting on Thursday to install everything and wire the tents as well as help the stage technicians. You will also help to dismantle everything again at the end of the festival. Therefore you need a little technical expertise and have to know what CEE 16A or 32A means. You should also know what schookproof plugs and traverses are. It is possible that you might have to supervise the small stage during the festival.

Information stand / Merchandise: You should have a good knowledge of the festival or rather inform yourself well and help the visitors with their questions. It is useful to speak English as all kinds of visitors will come to the information booth. At Merchandise you are responsible for the sales at the merchandise table.

Jumper: As a jumper you can be placed everywhere, e.g. get drinks for the beverage sale from the warehouse, help with the redecoration of the workshop rooms and help with food logistics. Many more tasks will await you on-site.

Sprinter driver: As a Sprinter driver you have to have a driver's license class B and you will be responsible for picking up things and bringing them to the festival.

Workshop area: Here you will help with the set-up and disassembly of the workshop room.

Accommodation: We offer you a free accommodation in the youth hostel as long as there are free rooms.

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