About us

Main Matsuri unites all Japanese institutions, associations and organizations to create a diverse and unique Japanese festival in Frankfurt am Main. This festival presents the artistic and cultural variety of Japan in the areas of art, culture, lifestyle and tourism.

The basic idea for Main Matsuri originated from the lack of a thematic convention for the general audience besides the Japanese Film Festival Nippon Connection. We brought together every institution which has a link to Japan to create something new and big.

Festival visitors are especially interested in music and food. Additionally to these reasons for a visit to our festival, we convey the Japanese culture. Traditional Japanese music instruments may sound unusual to Westerners, so we mix them with modern pieces to fascinate new visitors.

In summary we all work together to make a well-rounded Japanese festival with all kinds of varieties happen in Frankfurt am Main.

Main Matsuri Event GmbH:

Main Matsuri is not only a phenomenal festival, but also an event agency for Japan. We offer various services, such as the hosting of Japanese events.