We sell typical Japanese finger food and other foods that are indispensable at Matsuri (Japanese Summer Festivals)!


We offer a variety of Japanese food, including Udonsuppen (noodle soups).


The Japanese Superfood Natto made in Germany! As a vegetarian protein supplier, the probiotic natto brings many benefits, as it is rich in vitamin K2 and calcium. We have different varieties of Natto and other soy products like Amanatto as well as the traditional sauce Natto no Tare. Many of our raw materials are organically grown and of course not genetically modified. The majority of our products are vegetarian and some vegan.

S’j Crepe

Original Japanese crepe from the famous “streetfood” city of Osaka. Out of the hundreds of different variations, we have selected the 20 most popular creations for you, and prepare them fresh for you on the Main Matsuri.

Ueno Gourmet

After a successful Main Matsuri Festival in 2018, we are pleased to be represented again this year with our UENO GOURMET stand. We offer you a wide variety of products for tasting and sale: premium sake, refreshing sake cocktails, soy sauce matured in wooden barrels and much more … Every day we will explain in our workshops the “alcoholic popular drink of Japanese” in more detail and with you Taste different premium sake together.

Daily workshop tasting at 14:00, 16:00 and 18:00 directly at the stand.