Event 2018:

The Main Matsuri took place for the first time from the 17th to 19th of August at the Walther-von-Cronberg Platz in Frankfurt am Main. During these three days 22,000 visitors came from all regions of Germany and even from abroad. On a space of 16,000 sqm, 45 exhibitors from the areas of culture, sport, art, language, tourism, catering, food and drinks were represented. Additionally there were two stages with several performance acts. 44 musicians and dancers from Japan and over 60 actors from Germany performed there. There were diverse events in the workshop rooms such as sushi cooking classes, manga, calligraphy and Japanese classes, readings about Japanese culture, tea ceremonies and two cosplay contests.

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Givingphotos.de, Frank Pfuhl, Jörg Dittmar