Main Matsuri 2020

We were really looking forward to presenting a great Main Matsuri for you in 2020. Despite all our efforts it was simply not possible because of Corona.



Main Matsuri Artists present: The Music video for the title song "YU"

Where would the Main Matsuri be without its unbelievably talented and dedicated artists? It would be hard to imagine being without them. And we are so grateful that we can count on them at this difficult time. As promised, here is the newly recorded Main Matsuri Title Song "YU", on time for the original 2020 Festival. Even though in the end the festival couldn't take place, you'll be whisked back in your mind to the Walther-on-Cronberg Platz by the sheer vitality of each individual  artist here. We hope that this Music Video is a kind of consolation for you - it certainly is for us!

Who would have accompanied you to the Main Matsuri this weekend? And who else should see this video? Please comment and tells us what you think of the video.