The Main Matsuri Festival takes place from 14 to 16 August 2020 and you have the chance to support the festival. At Main Matsuri we have several areas for which we would like to engage you. We are looking for volunteers who can stay calm even in stressful situations and always keep a cool head. It is also important that you can be in action for at least 8 hours.

Our areas are:

Assembling and dismantling: You are on site from Thursday until Monday and help with assembling and dismantling. During the event you have no more shifts, but you will be the first ones there and the last ones leaving.

Guest supervision: You look after the guests of honor. Since we have Japanese guests of honor, you should be able to speak Japanese and English.

Access regulation: You will regulate the access and the parking lot so that everyone gets a parking lot in an orderly manner.
Information stand / merchandise: You should have a good knowledge of the festival or rather inform yourself well and help the visitors with their questions. Here you have a good chance if you speak English as all kinds of visitors will come to the information booth. With merchandise you are responsible for the sale at the merchandise table.

Jumper: As a jumper you can be placed anywhere, e.g. help with the reorganisation of the workshop rooms or supporting the catering. Many more tasks will await you on-site.



Sprinter Fahrer: Als Sprinter Fahrer musst du einen Führerschein Klasse B haben und bist dafür verantwortlich Sachen abzuholen und zur Veranstatlung zu bringen.

Getränke Logistik: Als Getränke Logistiker bist du verantwortlich dafür, dass die Getränkewagen mit Getränken ausgestatet ist. Wir werden vor Ort einen Getränke Lager haben. Hierbei wirst du die Getränke holen und die leeren Käste zurück bringen.

Workshopbereich: Im Workshopbereich hilfst du beim Aufbau und Abbau im Workshop Raum.

Unterkunft: Wir bieten euch eine kostenlose Unterkunft an, solange wie die Plätze frei sind.

Wenn ihr noch Fragen habt, könnt ihr die Helferkoordination über helfer [at] main-matsuri [dot] com anschreiben, ansonsten könnt ihr euch über das unten aufgeführte Formular anmedelden.


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Your data will not exposed to third party, it will only used for this festival. We will delete your data after the festival ends.