Lady Samurai's Chaos

"Lady Samurai" Kaori Kawabuchi is known for her unique sword dance choreographies together with her group "IDEAL". The group was founded in 2010 by Kaori has performed in many countries worldwide. In recent years Kaori, together with her band KAO=S, has been working mainly with Atsushi Murao and Hiroyuki Miyazono, thus incorporating traditional Japanese instruments into their shows. This new team was initially called "LADY SAMURAI'S IDEAL" and was then renamed "LADY SAMURAI'S CHAOS" only this year.



Date Location
18.08.2023 18:25 Cup Noodles Main Stage Kenbu (Japanese sword dance) and Taiko
19.08.2023 14:45 Cup Noodles Main Stage Kenbu (Japanese sword dance)
19.08.2023 16:00 Brother Sewing & Craft Main Stage Art Rock with Cello