Living Space


Pupil at the Schule am Ried, Frankfurt (Partner Schule von Yokohama)

After converting many a kitchen saucepan at home into a drum, Felix was given a children's drum kit and received his first drum lessons at the age of five, which he continued for eleven years. At the age of 12 he took saxophone lessons and became interested in jazz.

Felix can make music on almost any instrument and teaches himself the basics, such as: guitar, piano and, more recently, bass.

In the Japanese class at the Schule am Ried he amazed his teachers with his intuitive feel for Taiko and was given the opportunity to perform several times with Ichitaro and Yuta.

In the the City of Frankfurt Jazz Ensemble and the Polytechnic Society, Felix got to know like-minded people and began a variety of musical activities. Unfortunately Corona put a damper on all of this. During this time he turned increasingly to music electronics and recording technology and was able to survive the lockdown creatively.



Cup Noodles Main Stage

Saxophone, Percussion, Taiko

Felix and his band

Freddie Schwarz: E-Bass
Jakob Faißt: E-Guitar
Felix Potyra: Percussion