Takuya Taniguchi, born in Fukui, is one of the few outstanding solo taiko players in the world, which makes his performance almost unforgettable. Takuya started playing the taiko at the age of three - at just 16 he founded the group "TENRYU-DAIKO". In 2002 he won the special prize at the "Viennese World Youth Music Festival", one year later he joined the ensemble of his master Eitetsu Hayashi. Since 2011 he has been a member of the German group "Drumaturgia" and can look back on numerous performances in various cities in Europe and Japan.


Date Location
18.08.2023 14:10 Cup Noodles Main Stage Taiko (Japanese drum)
18.08.2023 17:05 Cup Noodles Main Stage Taiko and Kenbu (Japanese sword dance)
18.08.2023 18:25 Cup Noodles Main Stage Kenbu (Japanese sword dance) and Taiko
19.08.2023 13:45 Cup Noodles Main Stage Live Sumi-e on stage (Japanese painting)
19.08.2023 18:35 Cup Noodles Main Stage Taiko (Japanese drum)
20.08.2023 16:00 Cup Noodles Main Stage Taiko (Japanese drum)