Touzan Hirano

Touzan Hirano was born in 1992 in Aichi Prefecture.
He began playing the shakuhachi under his father's tutelage as early as junior high school.
He is a graduate of Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of Music, Department of Japanese Music, Shakuhachi.
He has received top honours in the advanced category of the Shakuhachi Performer's Performance Contest.

Appearance include  playing alongside Saburo Kitajima and SMAP at the "Festival" on Fuji TV SMAP x SMAP. He has also participated in the recording of the music in the films "Umi Suzume" and "Yasadaru Man" with the Gekitomo music group "Aya-Irodori". He is responsible for the shakuhachi event show music at Sanrio Puroland.

In addition to the original songs of the shakuhachi, he actively collaborates with different genres of music and creates original songs.