Yusuke Yamasaki

Yusuke Yamasaki came to Germany in 2006 as an actor for film, television and theatre. In 2017 and 2018, he appeared on stage at the "Die Komödie" theatre in Frankfurt as Chao Ling in Monsieur Claude and his Daughters. As a dubbing actor, he has played the role of Chozen in the Netflix series of the German version of "Cobra Kai" since 2020.

And since 2016, he has played the role of Genji in the popular computer game "Overwatch". He became known to a wider audience in 2017 through the role of Japanese scientist Kitasato Shibasaburo in the ARD series Charitè.

At the Main Matsuri, he will be delighting young and old alike with his humorous and profound Kamishibai stories for the fourth time.


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