ANA - All Nippon Airways

ANA, Japan's largest 5-star airline and a member of the Star Alliance, has been connecting Germany and Japan for 25 years.

ANA offers a daily and non-stop in-flight product and first-class service between Germany and Japan.


H.I.S. is a Japanese travel agency established in Tokyo in 1980. As of September 2021, we have 170 offices in 118 cities in 61 countries and 163 offices in Japan.
Food is a gateway to cultural understanding.
Japan has a world-famous culinary culture. From Hokkaido to Okinawa, local food is varied and reflects the history and culture of each region.
We believe that trying Japanese food is a way to experience the culture, lifestyle, thoughts and feelings of the people of Japan and to travel to Japan without leaving Europe.
We offer the best selection of products (JAPAN PREMIUM) for your enjoyment. May food arouse your interest in Japan and inspire you to actually travel there to experience the real Japan in person.
JAPAN PREMIUM FOOD & TRAVEL is here to help you and provide you with the highest level of Japanese hospitality "OMOTENASHI".

Japan Primavera

Japan Primavera is an import-export company founded by Sara Morelli, with registered office in Italy. We provide distribution in Italy and in Europe, exclusively of original and high quality products coming from Japan. We specialize in both traditional and modern craft products made by Japanese artists. Our products are the perfect point of union between tradition and modernity in Japanese culture. Respect for traditional work is accompanied by modern design. Among the items we import is a wide assortment of Kokeshi dolls.

Japanwelt (World of Japan)

Live in Japanese style! We have a wide range of traditional Japanese interior fittings such as Screens, Futons and Tatami mats. And in our online shop you'll find Japanese decorations, clothing and accessories such as cutlery, Tea and much more. With us you can bring simply bring Japan into your home.


Koneko is THE monthly Trendmagazin for Japanese Pop culture. There is news of Manga, Anime, J-Pop/Rock, Film and Literature. Also regular articles about Japanese art, culture and society along with photo coverage; Language, drawing and cooking courses. There are four posters and postcards in each issue.Then there's the other greta aspect of Koneko: The community area with Fan-Arts, Dojinshis (reader's mangas) and Cosplay portraits.

Main Matsuri Infopoint

The Main Matsuri Infopoint is the official information stand for the festival. Here you'll find official Main Matsuri products such as posters, T shirts and even the official Main Matsuri drink.

Manga Mafia

At we've been managing a large, successful webshop since 2007, visiting yearly over 70 events. Here you'll find Lucky Bags, Dakimakura, Figures, Contact lenses, soft toys and much more.


Mazda is a Japanese car manufacturer with roots in Hiroshima. Founded in 1920, Mazda initially devoted itself to the production and refinement of cork before becoming one of the most technically innovative Japanese car manufacturers in the second half of the 20th century. Whether Wankel engine, petrol engine with compression ignition, electric motor or plug-in hybrid, the human being is always at the centre of every technology and every design. This results in a particularly close connection between driver and vehicle and a feeling of absolute control and great driving pleasure. Car and driver in perfect harmony.

Michas Magicworld

Micha's Magic World - Your Nerdshop in the heart of Wiesbaden 

Don't miss our great selection and great service.


Since 2002, MIYAKODORI presents Japanese traditional pottery, interior crafts, and a wide range of items around the authentic Lucky Cat. All imported directly from Japan.


At the Cohaku booth, you can browse through more than 30 cosplay magazines that have now appeared and talk to the editors on site about the cosplay scene.

And at the Cosplay First Aid stand, sponsored by, you can get competent help free of charge. Free needle and thread, hairspray and all kinds of adhesives are available free of charge and non-stop.

Nikita Fantasies Art

Hello everyone! I'm Nikita and you can find fanart of various anime, musicians as well as original paintings in various designs.  At the Main Matsuri Festival, I will also be selling unique hand-painted notebooks and Japan-themed t-shirts. A few pieces of handmade jewellery will also find a place on my stand. 

It's worth visiting me, I'm looking forward to seeing you!


Otakusan offers products based on Manga and Anime themes.


StudioAyumi is a photo studio that photographs against the backdrop of Japanese culture. You can taste the feeling of telling the travel committee to Japan.
Japanese people enjoy yukata in summer matsuri in Japan. At Main Matsuri, we rent yukata so people living in Germany can enjoy Japanese matsuri even more! Wear yukata and create a summer story for 2022!

Tiko Cosplay

We are an international team from Norway, China and Germany, and have been regular retailers at Cosplay Conventions since 2012. Not only in Germany but in Scandinavia, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Our collection includes Cosplay outfits and costumes in a variety of fashion styles. We also have a large range of accessories, jewellery, shoes and bags etc., as well as decorations for the home. Regular visits to China and Japan keeps us up with the latest trends and to bring them into our range.

Tokyo Tourism Representative

Are you interested in Tokyo or planning a trip there? We will answer all your questions about your next trip to Tokyo! Visit our stand and take away all kinds of information. Those who take part in our short survey will also receive a great goodie bag!


Coffee enjoyment in Japan is inextricably linked with the house of UESHIMA, because it was our founder Tadao UESHIMA who first brought the art of coffee roasting to Japan 85 years ago.

Since then, coffee has not simply been served in Japanese coffee houses, but celebrated.

UESHIMA coffee is the heart of this coffee culture, which is characterised by clear, distinctive and memorable aromas.

The UESHIMA coffee brand is built on these rituals.

Precision, attention and dedication are at the heart of everything we do. Respectful and sustainable action is a matter of course for us.

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With a simple knot technique you can put these traditional Japanese wrapping cloth to multiple uses. A magic cloth indeed!

Wedding & Partner

Wedding & Partner is an owner-managed medium-sized tax firm with an experienced Japanese Desk. For many years, we have successfully represented our clients nationwide in all matters of tax advice and tax structuring as well as business management advice and asset protection. Our clients are international as well as national companies from trade, production, service and industry as well as demanding private clients and freelancers.


We at YAKITORI (by the way in Japanese this means "fried chicken skewers") are a Japanese/Hessen collection of funny, cheeky and crazy creators from every possible field. It's the sheer fun of the thing which brings us together. Our motto is "WIR SIND EINZIG UND NICHT ARTIG". In addition to our extensive range of products we offer a huge variety of vintage and modern kimonos. And here's the latest: Matcha candy floss!


With artist Yaya-chan you'll find everything to do with Anime and Manga - published Manga or personally drawn Fanarts.

Your Pillow Paradise

Hi I'm  Misa from YPPY -  Your Pillow Paradise!

With me you'll find unique handmade pillows in Anime, Manga and Kawaii style. Also super cute, cuddly fluffy plushies from popular Korean and Japanese brands such as Molang and Gudetama!
If that sounds like you, feel free to drop by, we look forward to seeing you! 

xoxo Misa <3