ANA - All Nippon Airways

ANA, the largest airline in Japan and a member of the Star Alliance, offers a multiple award-winning on-board product, innovative technology and first-class service on its flights. This guarantees a top-class travel experience on more than 115 domestic and 80 international routes.

Comic Planet

Here at Comic Planet we've been your specialists for Card games, Manga, Comics and other merchandise for over 20 years. We're looking forward to being at Main Matsuri again with a large range of products.

Come and see us in one of our shops in Osnabrück, Rheine, Münster or Duisburg.

Japan Experience

Since 1981, Japan Experience has been a specialist in France for Japanese tours. And now since 2016 we are organizing tours from Germany. As well as offering individually tailored trips with your own booking preferences, we also organize group trips and planned itineraries. All with the aim of giving you an authentic and varied experience in Japan.


Japanwelt (World of Japan)

Live in Japanese style! We have a wide range of traditional Japanese interior fittings such as Screens, Futons and Tatami mats. And in our online shop you'll find Japanese decorations, clothing and accessories such as cutlery, Tea and much more. With us you can bring simply bring Japan into your home.


Koneko is THE monthly Trendmagazin for Japanese Pop culture. There is news of Manga, Anime, J-Pop/Rock, Film and Literature. Also regular articles about Japanese art, culture and society along with photo coverage; Language, drawing and cooking courses. There are four posters and postcards in each issue.Then there's the other greta aspect of Koneko: The community area with Fan-Arts, Dojinshis (reader's mangas) and Cosplay portraits.

Main Matsuri Infopoint

The Main Matsuri Infopoint is the official information stand for the festival. Here you'll find official Main Matsuri products such as posters, T shirts and even the official Main Matsuri drink.

Manga Mafia

At we've been managing a large, successful webshop since 2007, visiting yearly over 70 events. Here you'll find Lucky Bags, Dakimakura, Figures, Contact lenses, soft toys and much more.

Michas Magicworld

Micha's Magic World - Your Nerdshop in the heart of Wiesbaden 

Don't miss our great selection and great service.


Since 2002, MIYAKODORI presents Japanese traditional pottery, interior crafts, and a wide range of items around the authentic Lucky Cat. All imported directly from Japan.

more than a movement

This year at Main Matsuri we have a new partner organisation. more than a movement.

The Berlin startup faces the challenge of developing understandable and simple solutions on topics such as sustainability, environmental protection and natural resources. In order to make these topics accessible to everyone, Leonie, Marina and Anne have launched an Instagram channel where they ask themselves questions such as: What natural resources are there on earth? How can we best protect them? Why is it so important for politics and business to address these issues?

In addition to their Instagram channel, more than a movement also works with companies and organizers who want to actively align themselves more sustainably.

Since this year, the team has therefore been at our side in an advisory capacity and supports us on the subject of sustainability and events. The team is also present at the festival with its own stand.

Do you want to know more? Then take a look at their Instagram channel @ more.than.a.movement or on the homepage (!


Otakusan offers products based on Manga and Anime themes.

OUJI [王子]

How do Japanese straightforwardness, perfection and balance fit together with the vivacious open influence of the Frankfurt hip-hop scene? The OUJI brand creates the combination of different influences from different cultures, which lead to a symbiosis of previously supposed opposites. The designs of the first ICHI collection, created together with the Frankfurt artist Pia Pospischil, are intended to show the facets and shapes of Frankfurt, combined with the Japanese ​​minimalism. The skyline of Frankfurt was chosen as the leitmotif for the first collection, which is illuminated from different perspectives. Combined with diverse Japanese elements, this shows the connection between the two cultures. OUJI is more than a streetwear brand. OUJI serves as a platform and canvas for artists who stand between the preconveived opposites and take them up in their art.

OUJI is taking part in Main Matsuri for the first time this year and is offering the first ICHI collection for sale.

PET DOT SHOP by Maker's Base Tokyo

We are the Makers’ Base. This is workshop in Meguro-ku, Tokyo, with six floors and a total surface area of 800 m2, and more than 100 different types of equipment and tools for manufacturing. The space is used by designers to design and produce bespoke products. We hope the visitors enjoy the process of communicating with our designers and creating a unique item.

At Main Matsuri 2021, we open “PET DOT SHOP”. All you have to do is to choose your favorite photo and email it to us. Order-made service for original items. Once you send us your photo, our designers will cut out the subject and design it with your favorite colors. We will make it into your desired item and send it to you. Enjoy creating a one-in-the-world item from your favorite existence.

Tiko Cosplay

We are an international team from Norway, China and Germany, and have been regular retailers at Cosplay Conventions since 2012. Not only in Germany but in Scandinavia, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Our collection includes Cosplay outfits and costumes in a variety of fashion styles. We also have a large range of accessories, jewellery, shoes and bags etc., as well as decorations for the home. Regular visits to China and Japan keeps us up with the latest trends and to bring them into our range.

United Volleys

Die United Volleys Frankfurt spielen seit 2015 in der 1. Volleyball Bundesliga sowie im Europapokal und der Champions League und feierten ihren größten Erfolg 2021 mit dem Deutschen Pokalsieg. Mit dabei: Libero Satoshi Ide aus Omura/Nagasaki, der auch in der neuen Saison in Frankfurt auf dem Spielfeld steht. Vor ihm trugen mit Issei Otake und Superstar Masahiro Yanagida  schon zwei andere japanische Nationalspieler das United-Trikot und sorgten in der Bundesliga für Furore. Anfang Oktober startet die neue Saison, und die United Volleys sind: Back in Frankfurt – Big in Japan!

Beim Main Matsuri werden die United Volleys mit Aufschlagmaschine und einem Mini-Netz bepackt aufkreuzen, um für ein bisschen Action zu sorgen! Außerdem wird es auch etwas zu gewinnen geben und das Maskottchen Jay Smash wird auch noch mit eingepackt. Und als ob das nicht schon genug wäre, wird Satoshi Ide und auch noch andere Bundesspieler vorbeischauen !


We at YAKITORI (by the way in Japanese this means "fried chicken skewers") are a Japanese/Hessen collection of funny, cheeky and crazy creators from every possible field. It's the sheer fun of the thing which brings us together. Our motto is "WIR SIND EINZIG UND NICHT ARTIG". In addition to our extensive range of products we offer a huge variety of vintage and modern kimonos. And here's the latest: Matcha candy floss!


With artist Yaya-chan you'll find everything to do with Anime and Manga - published Manga or personally drawn Fanarts.

Your Pillow Paradise

Hi I'm  Misa from YPPY -  Your Pillow Paradise!

With me you'll find unique handmade pillows in Anime, Manga and Kawaii style. Also super cute, cuddly fluffy plushies from popular Korean and Japanese brands such as Molang and Gudetama!
If that sounds like you, feel free to drop by, we look forward to seeing you! 

xoxo Misa <3 

Yume PeachyPie