Cosplay Walking Contest

Dear Cosplayer,

this year we will again host our Cosplay Walking Contest at Main Matsuri. No matter if self-made or bought – the audience will vote for their favourite by applause directly after the contest.

Procedure: You present your costume on stage to the audience. You go on stage and give the audience at least ten seconds, maximum one minute, to look at you in your costume. You don't have to speak, but feel free to get the Mirko if you feel like it. All you have to do is walk up and down like at a fashion show. Then leave the stage again and please stay close by. After all the cosplayers who want to take part in this competition have been on stage, there will be a second round. You will come back on stage and now the audience will vote for their favourite cosplayer with applause. We will measure the volume of the respective cheers and the three cosplayers with the loudest applause will receive great prizes!

But don't worry, no one will go away empty-handed in this competition!

As this competition is becoming more and more popular, we ask you to register beforehand at cosplay[at]

A maximum of 30 individuals (no groups or couples) can take part.

Friday 16.8.24 3 p.m. Be at Brother Stage at 2:45 p.m.

There are various prizes and goodie bags to be won

This is the ideal introduction for all cosplayers who would like to get their first taste of the stage.