Satoshi Sammy Saito

Sammy, born in Japan, creates a unique musical fusion of percussion instruments with the Australian didgeridoo. After 15 years as a child actor, he discovered his fascination with music and moved to Canada on his own. There, he took off as a street musician and later joined Dr. Draw as a percussionist. His skills brought him to Cirque du Soleil, the London Olympic Opening, and numerous TV appearances, among others. Even after returning to Japan, Sammy performed with various artists, including the rock band KAO=S.



Date Location
18.08.2023 19:00 Brother Sewing & Craft Main Stage Modern Dance
19.08.2023 13:45 Cup Noodles Main Stage Live Sumi-e on stage (Japanese painting)
19.08.2023 16:55 Brother Sewing & Craft Main Stage Modern Dance